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Jackie White's Page

 Jackie's Page...

Jackie White is married to James D White.

She is a former Legal Administrative Assistant

and an accomplished "closet writer".

Here are just a few of her writings, poems and thoughts.


#1 - 1997 CORN???? - a poem

# 2 - Wedding Toast to Michelle

# 3 - Courts. . . kids who kill

# 4 -   Wild, Lonely Souls Lacking Virtue

  Birthday Letter to Jackie

Adam and Lauren Krueger


Lisa, kids with Jim & Jackie (left);

Lisa, Jon and Jackie


Jackie with Grand-daughter Lauren (l);

Lauren and Adam take a bath


Adam with Jackie


Adam, Lauren and Lisa



Jackie and Jim (and the Easter Bunny)


Jackie and her sister, Dorothy on the boat (l);

Jackie driving the boat later

Jackie and Jim dancing (left);

Young Adam dressed for success


Jackie & Jim with Santa (left);

And out on the town (right)


Jackie & Jim fishing together in Florida


Jim and Jackie in 1975



Jackie and Jim in 1989 and ~1994



Jim Jr., Jackie and Michelle (left);

Jackie in from of her famous EMHA plaque.


Jim and Jackie @ 53rd Street home






1997 is about to decline...
as we toast each other with a glass of good wine
but our burning issue is on what to dine...
So our festive meal will be steak and lobster
(which to afford, you need an "in" with some mobster)
But it's just once a year that we are so bold!
And so our gala schedule will no doubt un fold:
Dad will wear his warm-ups and I'll be in mine
and we'll do our damndest to stay up past nine...
It's almost a shoe-in, he'll dictate email to me
to send to you guys, and "other" family...
(He acquainted himself with my sisters, who
think he's a stitch and a garden pro, too)
And he'll have to rib Lisa (as the gardening queen)
who he calls Martha Stewart (she's SO pristine)
Michelle, he calls "Raindrop" (she's the family glue)
who he emails to find out in Milwaukee, what's new!
Then he'll send you some anecdotes from his long ago,
(but Dan sends back queries..."who's this so-and-so!"
So that's PROBABLY how New Year's Eve will be going;
unless there's a blizzard, then we'll be snow blowing.
So a big cheery greeting to each of you,
To Jim & Ramona, and the little Ts too-
To Jon & Chris, to Dick (Chance) and Jim...
and ALMOST son-in-law Joe; we can't forget him!
To Michelle, Chris & Stacy and the great Krueger gang...
Raise a glass to us all, and send the year out with a BANG!

Jackie/Mom, Grandma J


#2 - Wedding Toast to Michelle



When I came into Michelle's life she was around 14, a shy little kid behind a tomboy mask. In some ways, she was pretty tough. She could and would

take on any of her older brothers (and she wasn't very often the one yelling "give"). I was both drawn to and intimidated by her. Here was this

rebellious little tomboy who would NOT wear a pair of jeans unless they had big holes in both knees, with her big brown eyes that always looked scared or sad.

It wasn't easy getting to know her, because at such a tender age, she seemed suspect of adults and their motives. Yet in the family back then, she

was pretty much the LEADER. When I came on the scene, it was with my only daughter, 12-year old Lisa, who suddenly shared life with seven other

kids, and some of them were BOYS. She was definitely cowered by the noisy not-so-very Brady bunch-- until one afternoon, Michelle grabbed her

around her neck, pulled her close, gave her one of her head thunks and instructed the family that this bony kid was their new sister-and that was that.

When Michelle came to Florida it became gradually obvious the stuff this girl was made of. Without whining, and at times pretty much alone, she

struggled, climbed and sharpened the depth of character she has today. She is stronger than just about anyone I've ever known, and softer than satin. She

managed the most important career of a woman, PARENTING, while juggling and furthering her education and her job success. She has produced

society with two wholesome individuals of quality and good moral values! Plus they're fun, too. Chris and Stacy. She remains the matriarch to her

siblings. Some people are soft touches for strays, but Michelle will take in strays of strays too. Since Joe took his place in her life, Michelle's dad is on

a campaign to stifle her Mother Theresa practices. She WILL get fmn if she feels used, giving rigid deadlines of say, three months, to get their act together

and face their lives. A significantly special thing I admire about Michelle - is her connection with my daughter Lisa, and through the years, her kids, Adam and

Lauren. She interacts with them as part of her BIO family of cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. She just CARES about them. Michelle is a unique lady who

may not realize how much she means to so many. It's a GIVEN how proud her father is of her and with good reason. I can't take any credit for her

character, because I didn't raise her, but my feelings for her go that much deeper because of who she is. I'm just grateful she's in my life. She is only

half as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. And that's a lot of beauty. So Michelle, here's a toast to you and Joe. I'm so happy you found

each other, and seeing what you are, Joe hurried to claim you. I wish you both all the best "stuff" that life can offer, but first, I wish you LOVE, Mr.

and Mrs. Joe Grillo.



(For your wedding toast on June 27, which I never would have gotten through without blubbering)



Courts, justice system send wrong message to kids who kill

 I was astounded reading the Aug. 13 Journal Sentinel article about the l5-year-old boy freed after only five years in custody for murdering his father while the man watched TV on the couch.


Because of his youth, his identity is protected. This kid was 10 years old when he shot his father at close range. He was old enough to use a shotgun, old enough to deliberately plan his act and smart enough to report it to the police. What's increasingly wrong with court rulings? And what's the message sent? If you don't like your parents' treatment of you, shoot 'em! Society will let you off the hook, because "he was probably a bad dad." The young executioner becomes the victim of the person whose life he ended. It's harder and harder to understand our judicial system.


Something's badly out of whack when a guy gets 12 years, justifiably so, for torturing cats, and kids kill people and get counseling. At what age is "thou shall not kill" applicable? It's time to take a firm look at our parenting or the lack of - to teach kids consequences and accountability, even at age 10. A punk can defecate on the American flag and sit on his "right" to freedom of speech.

Kids get away with murder. We should be very ashamed and very scared.

Jackie White, Milwaukee

(Jackie's article published in the Milwaukee Sentinel 8/19/1998)

#4   Wild, Lonely Souls Lacking Virtue


About enforcing self-control? Today, too many kids go to school in wildly colored hair, ghoulish makeup and pierced paraphernalia hanging all over them. They prowl school halls in gang colors, flaunting their rights to practice witchcraft or join cults and clubs reveling in gloomy debauchery. I pray these kids are the minority, but it's increasingly alarming.

Years ago, when kids got into fights, they used fists, and bloodshed was usually from someone's nose. Years ago, if you went to school dressed sloppily, let alone outlandishly, you were dismissed posthaste.

Years ago, moms and dads ran the homes and schools ran the schools. We've become a scary society of wild, lonely souls demanding right of expression to vulgarities, where virtue has all but vanished.

Why? Because Mom and Dad never molded them or showed them,

because kids kill kids or kids make kids and raise them.


Is anyone afraid?


Do put more restrictions on guns. But how to restrict the fingers that pull the trigger?


Jackie White, Milwaukee

(Jackie's article published in the Milwaukee Sentinel 5/9/1999)


Birthday Letter to Jackie from Michelle






I hope you have a great birthday and have a nice seafood feast with good company.


Here’s a little of our history:

I think the first time we met it was in a restaurant.  I’m not sure which place was first because we went to a small place near where you lived, we went to LaJoys and we also ate at a German restaurant.  You were a single mother to one and my dad was courting you carefully because he was or was soon to be the single father of seven. I think my dad was taking us one at a time to dinner with you to introduce you slowly.  That was a very good strategy.


Although we never got to go out to eat in restaurants growing up (because there were so many mouths and so little money) I think we had pretty good manners especially one at a time. I really enjoyed those dinners and getting to hang out with you and Dad. I mean eating out was special but to have one on one time with Dad and you was very special. I guess we did okay because you kept dating Dad.


Eventually we got to meet your daughter Lisa and your very interesting neighbors too. My thought at that time was that Lisa must be spoiled since she had you all to herself.  I was quite surprised by how well she did when she suddenly had to deal with all the rest of us. I think I tried to make to feel welcome and like part of the big group. I thought that would make it easier on her to not treat her like she was different from the rest.  I think she had some tough times – who wouldn’t – but she did amazing in the circumstances.


What would make someone with only one child take on seven more?  I know some were older and soon to be out of the house but that was a huge undertaking. My Dad must be a very, very good salesman – or something.


Anyway I must say that you never treated me anyway but good. I know I had issues and I don’t know what anyone could have done to deal with them but through it all I was never treated badly. I want to thank you for that. I really enjoyed and probably needed your friendship at that time. Had you tried a different strategy like coming in and trying to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do – I’m pretty sure it would not have gone as well and we may not have the friendship we can still now enjoy.


Hanging out playing hearts with you and Dad – those were some of my favorite times. How many teenagers do you know who would rather have a friend over and stay home and play cards with the folks? It probably kept me out of getting involved in things that we not so good. Thank you for all those good times.


A lot of time has passed and a lot has happened since those days. I not only still have you as a very good friend whom I love to visit but I also have an amazing sister who I hope I can spend more time with as we get older.


Thank you for taking such good care of my Dad.  I know he would be lost with out you.


Have a blast on your birthday – party like your 30. 


Love you much, Michelle










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