White Family Coat of Arms - Jim White, Miwaukee WI

.Swift White Fox III in Head-dress, Jim White, Milwaukee, WI

Swift White Fox III - Jim White Milwaukee, WI

Swift White Fox aka Jim White of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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White Family Crest

 :: White Family Coat of Arms ::


White Family Coat of Arms - House of White - James White


Where did the English White family come from?

What does the English coat of arms / family crest?

When did the White Family first arrive in the United States?

Where did the various branches of the family go?

What is the history of the family name?


   :: Symbolic Meanings ::




Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength


Strength, Loyalty




Sincerity, Peace



   Chevron Shield


   Background of Shield:



Represents the roof of a house - signifies Protection, faithful service


Blue and white bell-shaped objects -- mark of dignity


Use of Eagle:


Protector, a person of action, noble nature, power, strength.


Use of Lion:

Fierce Courage.


Use of Crown:


Regal or senior authority, heavenly reward


Armor Helmet:


Wise defense




  :: History Of The Name WHITE ::


The bearers of White (and its variants) are generally thought to have come from the noble family of Le Blancs in Normandy, who traveled to England in the wake of the Norman Conquest. Although the name certainly came to Britain from Normandy, there is some speculation that it already existed in Britain prior to the conquest. The word “white” itself is derived from the Old English word “hwit”. This name was most likely originally used as a nickname for a person with white hair or a pale complexion.


The name was first found in Durham, where the White family held a seat from the very early times.  


Some of the first settlers of this family name were:

William White and his wife, Susannah, who immigrated to Plymouth in 1620 with their sons, Resolve and Peregrine.


Other Noteworthy People with the Surname of White:

Edward Higgins White, American Astronaut;

Rod White, American Archer;

Richard Grant White, American Shakespearean Scholar;

Edward H. White, American Astronaut with Apollo I;

Barry White, Music Composer & Artist;

Reggie White, NFL Hall of Famer;

Vanna White, TV Show Hostess;  

Snow White, movie star and famous house guest to 7 Dwarfs;

Shaun White, Olympic Champion Snowboarder;

Perry White, Editor of Daily Planet in the Superman comics;

Betty White, Actress;

Ron White, stand-up comedian

James Duane White, Professional Squash & Racquets Player/Coach;







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