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Swift White Fox III - Jim White Milwaukee, WI

Swift White Fox aka Jim White of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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 :: Jim White - The Athlete ::

The Five Decade journey of athletic accomplishments began at about the age of 17 for Jim White  he frequented the social centers of Milwaukee with his friends. He joined a group to learn how to box and protect himself.

Soon afterwards, he joined the Navy during World War II as a Seabee. He was part of the Seabees' Boxing Team.

Upon his turn from serving his country, he trained as an amateur boxer and fought in two Golden Gloves tournaments and won his weight class both times.

As his training continued, Jim befriended local handball players and soon mastered the sport. He turned to squash and mastered that sport as well. He did the same for both badminton and racquetball.

With each sport, Jim was competing in city, state and national tournaments. Jim, or as he was also known, GYM, represented the Milwaukee Athletic Club, mastering these FIVE sports: Boxing, Squash, Badminton, Handball and Racquetball and winning tournaments. He is the ONLY athlete in Wisconsin to win championships at the local, state and national level in five different sports.

As his outstanding athletic success mounted, Jim gave back to others who wished to improve their skills. He taught these sports to men, women and children over several decades. Many of his students went on to win their own trophies and titles. And working professionals sought Jim out to be a mentor, teacher and playing partner.

While the following pages give the major accomplishments in each sport category, many of the smaller victories (club tournaments, etc.) are not listed here.

Please enjoy your visit and come back often. Jim would love to hear your thoughts, stories and accomplishments.



Boxing Badminton Handball Raquetball Squash Raquets





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