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.Swift White Fox III in Head-dress, Jim White, Milwaukee, WI

Swift White Fox III - Jim White Milwaukee, WI

Swift White Fox aka Jim White of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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:: The Husband, The Father, The Athlete ::

Born to Life March 5, 1927.    Born to Eternal Life July 8, 2013

Jim "Gym" White of Milwaukee WI - Swift White Fox III


Born in hard times and raised in humble means, Jim White was a somewhat shy and anxious boy. At 17, he persuaded his mother to sign for him to join the U.S. Seabees

in World War 2. It was the dawning of his resolve to confront courage and face fear.

His service to his country also provided an opportunity to find out the type of man

he was growing to become. He continued to box while in the Seabees winning several matches and titles.

Arriving back home, he continued his boxing as an amateur welterweight. This only started the athletic adventure of one of Wisconsin's homegrown great athletes.

In a few short years, Jim White expanded his athletic achievements, effectively competing in city, state and national tournaments. Jim, or as he was also known, GYM, represented the Milwaukee Athletic Club, mastering FIVE sports: Boxing, Squash, Badminton, Handball and Racquetball. He is the ONLY athlete in Wisconsin to win championships at the local, state and national level in five different sports.

As his outstanding athletic success mounted, he taught these sports to young men, women and children. This was all achieved while providing for his combined family

with the help and care of his wife, Jackie.

The following pages may give you some insights, reflections and inspiration. They will certainly only give you a snapshot of the athleticism, humor and kind nature of Swift White Fox III known affectionately as a dear Friend, Father, Husband, Brother and Son.

James D. “GYM” White


Swift White Fox III

A proud Milwaukeean, Mr. White brought honor and athletic achievement to the city as he successfully competed in Milwaukee, other parts of Wisconsin, and across the USA. Most remarkably, Mr. White represented the MAC, the city of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin as an athlete in not just one or two sports, but as a champion in FIVE sports: Boxing, Squash, Badminton, Handball and Racquetball. He remains the ONLY athlete from the State of Wisconsin to compete and win championships at the local, state and national level in any five sports.

In addition to attaining personal glory in these sports, he shared his experiences, and devoted his life to the teaching of these sports and others to weekend athletes, children and the new generation of sports professionals. All this was achieved all while providing for and raising a family of eight kids with his wife, Jackie.

Jim "Gym" White and wife, Jackie White, Milwaukee, WI. Jim is also known as Swift White Fox III, and is a five sport champion.

 This site is in loving memory.

The request is made to all who view it to submit pictures, stories, thoughts in love and with honor to a great man.

"Happy Birthday, Pop! -Jon White

Please enjoy and consider contributing photos, stories and comments.


NOTE July 2013:

GYM recently turned 86 years young. Still the fighter, he endured medical challenges until his corner man called the fight -- God called His servant home July 8, 2013 for all eternity.


This site was originally done as a birthday present for him under his native name of Swift White Fox.



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